• Rick Hellewell

    Hello! Thanks for the testing code. Works well, although it would be nice to see the voice name on the screen, rather than just hear the name of the voice.

    I only get two voices on my laptop (Win10, HP). Is there a way to load additional voices?

    How about a way to let the user select the voice?


    • The voice name on screen is a great Idea, I can add that. (some of them are very hard to understand.)

      Sadly, there is no current way to add user selected voices that works in all browsers. What browser were you using when you tested?

      • Rick Hellewell

        Currently using Firefox (latest). There are two MS ‘voices’ available, “David” and “Zira”.

        The intent is that the app will allow the user to select from the voices available on their system. The selected voice (plus rate, speed, etc) will be stored in the user’s profile. It is a web-based app, but uses the voices that are installed on the user’s computer.

        I’d also like to find a downloadable voice ‘package’ that the user can download to their computer, if they want to add additional voices to select from.

        The app is a ‘learning to read’ app, so the voice should be very realistic. The user should be able to select the best voice for their system, from their ‘native’ available voices to being able to add additional voices via a download of some sort. (Like from MS?)

        • Unfortunately, I have not found any way to install new voices. I did find that some browsers that I tested on various computers do have google voices (“Google US English”, “Google UK Female”, etc) But I was not actually sure how they were added, if this was part of installing Chrome or some other mechanism. But only some of the computers I tested had those voices.

          I also found that the voices are different between OS and Browser combinations, so I think it is a great idea to have that be a preference for the user to select.

          I hope your project is great! Let me know if you have any issues, maybe I can help.